Vegetable Gardening

vegetable garden

     What a crazy world we have all found ourselves in. Having to isolate on our own, or with family, will by now have us all wanting to get some fresh air and what better way than getting our hands dirty in the garden. Even for the most avid gardeners, having a productive vegetable garden may be something that hasn’t been attempted. At Abben Art over the coming months we would like to bring a series of videos and tips to help with your vegetable gardening adventures. 

Tuesday 14th April. 

      We are quite excited to nearly have our new Vegetable garden complete. Having had a very treed and steep block in Rye on the coast we have managed to create a tiered garden with dry stone walls and stairs. We have found a position at the top of the garden that gets the most sun for our block. Next to the vegetable garden we have a small orchard with a compost bin (we have chosen a tumbler bin that totally seals as it does prevent rodents getting in) Just below is our chook pen where I use sugar cane mulch for nesting boxes. The organic matter we get from the chooks is great for the veggies. As Clive says “Leanne loves the eggs i love the ….”. Having this all in one area makes irrigation quite simple (dripper hose around trees in the orchard and sprays in the vegetable garden all on the same system.)

       We have back filled with soil that has been dug out to create the levels. As we have very sandy soil we need to incorporate a lot of organic matter, such as the aforementioned chook poo and sugar cane mulch/ compost etc. This will be an ongoing job after every crop. Recently we did a raised sleeper vegetable garden for a client in Mount Martha that we filled with mushroom compost and with regular watering, care and sunshine. It was a bumper growing season. 

      Below are some videos of our own productive garden as it progresses.

    Bye till next week.