Dry Stonewalling in Progress

     Over the past month Abben Art has been working at a beautiful site in Red Hill. Our aim here has been to create dry stone walls that compliment and draw attention to the preexisting natural features. The front of the property has been transformed into a three tiered garden, where avocado trees and native plants will live against the backdrop of our dry stone walls.

     The property already contained an existing stone staircase which we have extended to create a more open entrance. As you can see in the photos below the previous stairs were quite restrictive. The bottom step has been widened to create a  more  welcoming entrance to the house. The new stairs were designed to blend seamlessly with the existing stonework.




    Large walling stones have been used to create stairs that are visually striking and also grant greater access to the rest of this property. Getting these rocks in place was not an easy task (especially in the wet red hill mud) but as they say “landscaping aint easy”. Soon the side of each step will serve as a mini garden bed which will hold small plants.

   The next stage of this landscape design will be to construct a dry stone wall surrounding the newly built  pool. Not only is this an aesthetic and unique addition to their pool but it is also a practical solution to retaining the clay bank. It also gives easy access from the pool to the swimming pool. 

   Over the next few weeks we will be excited to keep you updated with our landscaping work at this property.


Bye till next week.