Dry Stone Walls

Dry Stone Walls

Dry Stone Wall Construction

Dry stone walling is a construction method using only stone, with no mortar to cement the rocks together. A dry stone retaining wall obtains its stability through a unique construction method of creating a load-bearing facade of interlocking stones.

Testimony to the longevity and durability of this age-old form of building is evident around the world. From the stone dykes in Scotland used for retaining stock, to Peru, where ancient walls built by the Incas still stand.

In Australia, (principally western Victoria, and some parts of Tasmania and New South Wales) we have our own slice of history, with dry rock walls that were constructed by our Scots/Irish ancestors.

There has been a marked resurgence in the use of rock walling as it is not only functional, but aesthetically a work of art.

Dry stone walling has been a passion of Clive’s since his interest was piqued as a child growing up in Wales. However, it wasn’t until Clive was in his early twenties, living in a small village in Surrey that he had the opportunity to work alongside a true artisan of dry stone walls and to hone his love and aptitude for working with stone.

The art of rock placement has been invaluable not only in rock wall construction but featuring stone in other landscaping aspects such as paths and paving, stairs, dry and wet creek beds, waterfalls, water features, rock gardens, rock sculpture and more. Migrating to Australia in the early 1990s Clive found the art of stone walling is now an integral component in many of his landscape projects, having built many retaining walls on the Mornington Peninsula.

As Clive often says, the wonder of a dry stone wall for a garden is that it is a living entity, with plants growing in its pockets and native animals finding homes in its recesses. The wall itself is ever-changing, with the hues of the rock changing colour after rain and the wall’s ability to move and adapt around a tree as it grows and ages gracefully. Ultimately, a dry stone wall will not only be enjoyed by you, the garden lover, but by generations beyond.

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