Garden Art

Garden Art , Metal Sculptures and Carvings

Creating a garden is the ultimate art form. It not only touches all our senses but as a living piece of art, it is ever-changing with the seasons and time.

Walking into our garden we are visually stimulated by the palette of colours and textures provided by flowers and foliage. Dappled light filtering through a tree canopy casts a myriad of shapes across our path. The scent of Jasmine fills the air, so sweet you can nearly drink it in, as a Wattlebird warbles us an evensong.

Gardens are not only an art in themselves but an inspiration to artists. At Abben Art we love to enhance a landscape design with pieces of art such as a sculpture designed specifically for your personal taste and needs. We also like to make use of water features and lighting that complement your garden and highlight and achieve the atmosphere you wish to create in your oasis.