Benefits of Designing in 3D

3D Design

3D Landscape Design

The leading-edge Computer Aided Design (CAD) and 3D Landscape are at the forefront of modern design. At Abben Art, the traditional drawing board has been moved aside to make way for this new technology and we haven’t looked back!

Clive has spent extensive hours training and using state-of-the-art professional design software to achieve a realistic overview of the gardens he designs.

The results of 3D modelling are amazing and we have had nothing but positive feedback.  This is best summed up by one of our many satisfied clients:

“I could never look at a plan and visualise how it would look. But after going over the 3D model of our new garden with Clive, I could nearly taste the strawberries in our veggie patch. My husband and I were very happy picturing ourselves on our new deck, sipping on a wine or two.”

– Mrs Austin, Safety Beach


Benefits of CAD Design



Producing stunning garden designs in 3D gives us the flexibility to see the plans in various formats, supporting both the design process and construction of your landscape garden. Different views of the design include:

  • 2D aerial view
  • 3D aerial view
  • 3D real-time walk-though
  • 3D graphics from various angles
  • Detailed planting plan and plant list
  • Solar modelling

See how your dream can come to life!  View more examples of 3D models in our blog, including 3D design videos and 3D graphics.